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Froli bed systems comprise a coordinated combination of spring bases, mattresses and pillows, which I can adjust to meet my needs at any time.

Are you one of those people who always face life’s challenges full of energy and vitality? That’s why good sleep is important to you! With ingenuity, passion and a great deal of knowledge about ergonomics and health, Froli has developed innovative bed systems which offer you superior sleeping comfort.
The spring base, mattress and pillow complement each other perfectly and thus allow you to get that unique Froli sleep.

Get to know your bed system

Because I’m looking for sustainability and comfort at an affordable price.

Because I lead an active life and would like to feel energised at work, at sport and in my leisure time.

Because I’d like to experience relief and fewer issues.

Because I’d also like to sleep well when I’m on the road.

With heart, understanding and good ideas

The heart of Froli

Ingenuity! We’ve been successfully implementing good ideas on a daily basis since we founded the company in 1962. The result is many patents and international awards for the innovative beds, mattresses and pillows that Froli has sustainably developed and manufactured since 1992.

Comfortable adjustable versions

Manually adjustable and motorised spring bases feature spring elements for targeted support and relaxation you can actually feel. The bed can thus be adapted to meet any requirement and will soon be your new haven, perfect for sleeping, reading, watching TV and working.

Optimal environment

There are lots of aspects that play a key role in ensuring a good sleeping environment: in addition to the material and construction, the combination of spring base, mattress and pillow also plays an important role. Froli bed systems regulate moisture and promote active air circulation.