• Because I lead an active life and would like to feel energised at work, at sport and in my leisure time

My bed system for an active life and restorative sleep

A high-quality bed system makes my active life possible.

My body requires energy and fitness to ensure peak performance in my career and leisure time. Good sleep plays a key role. And that’s what I get from a high-quality bed that adapts to my body. Froli Azur bed systems provide me with a perfectly coordinated trio of spring base with individually adjustable springs, high-quality mattress and breathable pillow.

Exceptional sleeping comfort

A tailored combination of spring base, mattress and pillow is especially important in ensuring deeper and more restorative sleep. If the trio is good, then so is the sleep. Froli has therefore developed bed systems comprising three individually adjustable components – spring base, mattress and pillow – which can be perfectly coordinated to complement each other, allowing muscles and the

Froli Azur bed systems are tested and recommended by Interessengemeinschaft der Rückenschullehrer/Innen e.V. (IGR) and the ISST Dr. Berndsen sleep institute and centre for rehabilitation. Froli Azur mattresses and pillows comply with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (product class I/baby items).
They’re developed and manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and the guidelines of DIN ISO 26000 Social Responsibility.


across the board

The Azur bed systems feature the innovative Froli Viado spring base, which received the Red Dot Award in 2008, the iF DESIGN AWARD in 2009 and was a German Design Award nominee in 2010. What sets the Froli Viado apart is the ingenious, targeted adjustment option: the firmness level of each and every spring element can be adjusted simply by turning it – for soft, medium or hard.

No other bed system offers this level of individuality, as each and every spring element can be adjusted at any time for harder or softer support – for instance, to relieve the shoulders, better support side sleepers, secure the lumbar region or soften the hip zone.

A high-quality bed system will comprise a perfectly coordinated spring base and mattress, which is why Froli has developed a mattress tailored to the Azur spring base. This combination of spring base and mattress on top pleasantly adapts to your body and allows you to achieve unrivalled sleeping comfort and optimal pressure relief. Froli Azur mattresses feature an innovative cold foam with a high-quality latex foam layer on both sides as well as Froli comfort lamellae on the inside, which ensure tailored support and pleasant ventilation. A soft shoulder zone is achieved through soft spring elements in the spring base as well as soft spring elements in the mattress.

The right pillow adds the finishing touch to the Froli Azur bed system. Froli neck pillows with comfort lamellae on the inside and a climate cover are recommended by recognised sleep researchers, as they provide optimal support for the head and neck.

Because I lead an active life and would like to feel energised at work, at sport and in my leisure time

Spring base



Froli collaborates with selected specialist retailers throughout Germany, so it couldn’t be easier to find a Froli expert near you. Froli specialist retailers will take your specific needs and desires into account and provide you with comprehensive advice.