• Azur

Azur spring base

Viado spring base

  • No more pressure points: Froli Azur spring bases distribute the pressure across the entire surface.
  • Individually adjustable: you can adjust the firmness of each spring element to one of three levels.
  • Optimal adaptation: adjustable spring elements ensure optimal support for individual body and sleep zones.
  • Good sleeping environment: Froli Airlifters raise the mattress slightly and thus ensure healthy ventilation.
  • Lots of luxurious adjustment variants such as four motors and massage function.
  • A clear conscience: environmentally responsible development – removable Froli spring elements, saliva and sweat-resistant, unpainted, 100% recyclable.

Perfect sleeping comfort

The Azur bed system is equipped with an innovative Froli spring base,
which effectively relieves pressure thanks to high-quality adjustable spring elements with three firmness levels and an additional shoulder zone. The spring base forms an adjustable and pressure-relieving surface for the mattress and guarantees healthy ventilation with the patented Airlift technology.

Optional accessories

You can choose from a variety of cover frames and headboards to match the Azur spring base and mattress. These come in various sizes, materials and colours. You can combine them with bed legs in the standard, design, wood or chrome format. Your knowledgeable specialist retailer will help you put together your very own Froli Azur bed system, taking your personal preferences into account.



Here you’ll find a selection of finishes made from fabric or a combination of fabric and faux leather, which will round off your personal configuration for the Froli Azur bed to perfection.



Adjustable versions

Depending on your sleeping habits, you can adjust the Azur spring base in different ways: everything is easy to operate and highly comfortable, whether it’s the head region on its own or both the head and foot regions, or as two or four-motor adjustment with massage function.

Available sizes

Standard sizes


Widths: 80/90/100 cm
Lengths: 190/200 cm


Widths: 160/180/200 cm
Lengths: 190/200 cm

Large sizes


Widths: 120/140 cm
Lengths: 210/220 cm


Widths: 160/180/200 cm
Lengths: 210/220 cm