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Koala box spring bed

  • Brilliant: sleep like at a hotel with double box spring and unrivalled ventilation.
  • Multilayer: Froli Gold mattress with spring elements.
  • Targeted pressure relief: patented Froli spring base.
  • Extra comfort: additional super-soft visco topper.
  • Breathable: healthy ventilation.
  • Award-winning: German Design Award nominee in 2012 and 2013, interzum award in 2011 and Top hotel Star Award in 2014.
  • Sustainable: developed with the environment in mind.

A whole new take on the box spring

What sets the Koala box spring bed apart is the fact that, like all other Froli bed systems, it doesn’t rely on steel springs. Instead, we use high-quality foams and patented plastic springs both in the box and the mattresses. The ergonomic Froli spring base provides the body with support you can actually feel. The comfortable Froli mattress is made from breathable cold foam with pressure-relieving foam channels and a skin-friendly, washable Tencel® cover plus super-soft viscoelastic topper.


Elegant covers in fabric or a combination of fabric and faux leather are available for the large headboard and the bed frame. High-quality chrome legs round off the luxurious look to perfection. The choice is up to you:


Adjustable versions

The Koala bed system can be adjusted to meet your needs with a switch and two motors. The individually adjustable versions offer a unique level of comfort. You determine the sleep and seating positions of your bed, and decide how you want to adjust them. Pure luxury and comfort ensure targeted support for the shoulders, intervertebral discs, legs and veins.

Available sizes

Standard sizes


Widths: 80/90/100 cm
Lengths: 190/200 cm


Widths: 160/180/200 cm
Lengths: 190/200 cm

Large sizes


Widths: 120/140 cm
Lengths: 210/220 cm


Widths: 160/180/200 cm
Lengths: 210/220 cm