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Froli Bed system Gold

Bed for Seniors Type Forti with Motorised Lifting Function

  • Comfortable height for getting up and lying down
  • Better patient-centered care due to height adjustment
  • Possibility to change the sheets whilst standing up
  • Comfortable motorised head, back and leg area
  • innovative Froli springs for excellent pressure relief, movability and healthy ventilation
  • The drop-in frame does not alter the design of the existing bedstead
  • Also available as a stand-alone bed with corresponding surround frame and head panel


Comfort at the touch of a button!

The comfortable Froli Forti bed for seniors is equipped with an integrated lifting system. This facilitates getting up and improves your well-being. It is available for an existing or regular bedstead.

By means of a wired remote control, a 35 cm height adjustment is possible so that the sleeping surface (without mattress) can be lifted from 40 cm up to 75 cm.

In addition, the motorised head, back and leg area can be moved to an upright seating position or to an overall relaxing position for your muscles and legs.

The unique, highly comfortable and flexible Froli springs allow you to individually adjust the firmness across the entire surface. The springs therefore provide outstanding pressure relief as well as healthy ventilation even when lying down for long periods.

In a double bed, you can opt to only have one side equipped with a Forti lifting frame.


Targeted support
for sleeping comfort!

The Gold bed system is equipped with the innovative Froli Forti spring base. The individually adjustable spring elements with a chic spiral design offer targeted firmness comfort in super soft, medium and firm.
Incomparable comfort: individual spring elements adjustable at all times.

Optional accessories

Froli offers a variety of cover frames and headboards in various sizes, materials and colours to complement the Forti spring base. Combined with bed legs, which are available in the standard, design, wood and chrome formats. You can therefore put together a bed that reflects your very own style.



This selection of finishes for your cover frame features fabrics and combinations of fabric and faux leather.


Available sizes


Widths: 80/90/100 cm
Lengths: 190/200 cm