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Jade spring base/Froli Sentina

Sentina model of the Froli Jade insert frame

  • Targeted pressure relief.
  • The high-quality Sentina spring elements adapt to body contours and weight.
  • Precise firmness regulation.
  • Soft spring elements for a soft shoulder zone.
  • Individual firmness adjustment for each and every spring element.
  • Pleasant ventilation for restorative sleep.
  • Recyclable and non-hazardous.
  • Available only as an insert frame for existing bed frames.

Adaptable throughout!

The Sentina model of the Jade insert frame range boasts targeted suspension, offering the body vital sleeping comfort. Its flexible spring elements respond gently to the sleeper’s individual movements.
Spring elements with varying firmness levels adapt perfectly to the body: soft springs support pressure-sensitive shoulders. Optional tension clips individually increase the firmness level in the lumbar region. The neck and spine are naturally and anatomically aligned. Heavier parts of the body sink in, whilst lighter ones are gently supported. Each spring element can be adjusted individually.

Adjustable versions

The individually adjustable versions offer a unique level of comfort. You determine the firmness level and sleep and seating positions of your bed, and decide how you want to adjust them. Froli motorised frames also have a highly innovative, ultra-slim drive technology. 


Available sizes

Standard sizes


Widths: 80/90/100 cm
Lengths: 190/200 cm


Widths: 160/180/200 cm
Lengths: 190/200 cm

Large sizes


Lengths: 120/140 cm
Widths: 210/220 cm


Widths: 160/180/200 cm
Lengths: 210/220 cm