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Jade spring base/Froli Star

Star model of the Froli Jade insert frame

  • All-over weight distribution provided by the Star model of the Jade spring base. 
  • Ergonomic adaptation and mobility of the body.
  • Froli spring elements boast varying firmness levels for optimal support for the individual body zones.
  • The firmness level can be adjusted at any time to meet your needs.
  • Healthy ventilation for comfortable sleep.
  • Developed with the environment in mind – 100% recyclable.
  • Available only as an insert frame for existing bed frames.

Premium sleeping comfort.

The elastic Jade bed spring base responds sensitively to body size, stature and weight. The bed system offers all-over, pressure-relieving body support. Spring elements with varying firmness levels such as soft springs in the pressure-sensitive shoulder zone and optional tension clips for increased firmness ensure the ideal support, meaning Froli Star can adjust to any sleeping position.

Adjustable versions

Depending on your sleeping habits, you can adjust the Jade spring base in different ways: the head region on its own or both the head and foot regions, or as two or four-motor adjustment with the aid of a chic remote control with or without cord. A relaxing massage function is optional.


Available sizes

Standard sizes




Widths: 80/90/100 cm
Lengths: 190/200 cm


Widths: 160/180/200 cm
Lengths: 190/200 cm

Large sizes


Widths: 120/140 cm
Lengths: 210/220 cm


Widths: 160/180/200 cm
Lengths: 210/220 cm