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Plastics for the industry

Froli product solutions made from plastics are as diverse and unique as the material itself is versatile. We have exceptional know-how in the processing of various plastics. Our many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge on the different characteristics of materials and raw materials as well as their processing procedures allow us to develop innovative solutions in plastics. All the while ensuring unrivalled quality, sustainability, reliability and function.


Injection moulding


When it comes to the injection moulding process, Froli as a driver of innovation has exceptional expertise in the processing of technical and standard thermoplastics. Whether functional components, two-component items or assemblies in top quality, we develop tailored solutions for our customers, including for the office furniture, furniture, machine and special-vehicle sectors.

Vacuum forming


Vacuum forming offers outstanding opportunities for manufacturing mouldings in small and medium batch sizes. Construction of the associated tools is affordable and fast. We also generate item variants in small batches using CNC milling. Take advantage of our expertise.

Sewing/upholstery facility


At our in-house sewing/upholstery facility, we manufacture high-quality comfort products such as sleep and seating systems in handcrafted quality and with high flexibility and technical precision. Our discerning industry partners benefit from our engineering expertise and many years of experience in the development of special solutions for the van, camper, truck and public facilities sector.



Froli is an expert in the development and manufacture of exclusive cushions from PUR integral foam. To meet our customers’ requirements, we’ve developed innovations such as the Froli PUR® foam system, which is versatile and can thus be used for a large range of products, including in the rehabilitation, furniture and special-vehicle sectors.

Tool construction


In-house moulding, model and tool construction is one of Froli’s core areas of expertise. Whether high-precision tools for mass production or tools in small batches, Froli can offer you the complete range of tools, supported by state-of-the-art computer hardware, 3D CAD systems and cutting-edge CNC technologies. Using 3D printers, we can also provide you with the prototypes you need.