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Finished components
in plastics

It’s our aim to improve and enhance quality of life in every situation. Whether it’s at work, at home, at rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, therapy centres or hospitals, Froli develops innovative, ergonomic solutions that promote the mobility and health of its users. Whether multi-adjustable office chair armrests or work chairs, backrests, standing aids, stools or their accessories, Froli’s plastic components boast top quality and versatility: sustainable, reliable and functional.


Ergonomics for modern offices and working environments

As a developer and manufacturer of plastic components for the furniture sector, we produce office chair armrests, work chair components, standing aids, stools, quick release levers, hand wheels and assembly parts for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more. Increasing general comfort and, in particular, seating and sleep comfort is often the focus – and then always in combination with functionally sensible controls.


Ergonomic items for rehabilitation and health facilities

For use in therapy, rehabilitation, sport, medicine and fitness, Froli develops and manufactures high-quality plastic components such as cushions, pillows and toppers made from PUR foam, which ensure ergonomics and relaxation, as well as high durability and hygiene requirements. Froli products are easy to clean, resistant to mechanical and chemical impact and, if necessary, antibacterial.