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Business customers in the mobile sector

Froli products have won multiple international awards and fit perfectly in any vehicle, be it a camper, van, expedition vehicle, motorhome, caravan, truck, boat or yacht. In addition to innovative bed, cushion and seat systems for business partners and Froli small batches, it’s the many accessory components specially developed for camper vans with which we’d like to make travel more comfortable. For example, with innovative wheel levellers, practical kitchen accessories and comfortable backrest cushions.


Aluminium bed frame with Team spring


Aluminium bed frames are lightweight and sturdy, making them ideal for increased sleeping comfort on roof beds, bunk beds, beds in trucks, etc., when a low weight and construction height are necessary. Aluminium frames don’t require a base plate and, at just around 40 mm in height, save a whole lot of space. We ensure comfort and ventilation with low springs and flat mattresses – for all dimensions.

Complete bed systems


Test our expertise in complete systems, which we develop and manufacture using a vehicle-compatible spring base and mattress/cushion, all the while taking into account your requirements as well as comfort, weight, height, material and sustainability. Take advantage of our experience in sleep, seating and sleep/seating combinations, for example also with full cushion covers.

Accessories and additions


Froli’s practical additions and useful accessories offer exceptional customer-specific benefits: sturdy ramps and round wheel levellers for levelling camper vans, products for safely securing glasses, wall hooks, bed systems and neck pillows – you’re sure to find just the right Froli product. The accessories boast exceptional design and functionality.

Bed spring mat


Froli spring mats ensure comfort and ventilation. A sleeping surface can be equipped with spring mats quickly, easily and affordably, simply by screwing or stapling them to bases, for example. Weight/mat: just around 208 g, around 30 mm tall – and thus ideal for lightweight constructions and low beds. Developed and made by Froli.

Bed spring clip systems


The benefits of bed springs are exceptional sleeping comfort and perfect ventilation. They can quickly be clipped in to form a comfortable spring base for any dimensions. Froli offers a variety of spring designs with different heights and adjustable firmness levels. The clip systems can also conveniently be mounted on existing slat bases later on.




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