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imm 2018 retrospective

At our exhibition stand on 16.01.18, we were given a lot of tips on the subject of health and healthy sleeping by Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse. He reported from his vast experiences in the world of science and training with top athletes. The focus was on the significance and interdependency of stimulation (training) and regeneration (rest, sleep). Sleep and relaxation are essential.
Sleeping well is a prerequisite for regeneration. Froli bed systems meet these requirements in the best possibel way.

Bed systems from Froli are clearly categorised – and have one thing in common: Froli bed systems are always made up of a spring base and a mattress which has plastic spring elements on the inside and adapts perfectly to the base. Jade – the line which offers the drop-in frame and mattress at an entry-level price. Azur – the premium line for active, sporty customers. Gold – the premium line for health-conscious people who may have had problems with their sleep in the past.


The box-spring trend of the last few years is no making way to beds which combine both comfort and air circulation. Motorised adjustment is also something that is becoming more important. All Froli frames can be supplied with 2 or 4 motors for automatic adjustment, as well as operation via an app. For the imm (international furniture trade fair), Froli also added a extended the gold line to include a lift bed, which enables better care of the patient and makes it easier to get up and lie down. The first lift bed with Froli comfort spring base.

New at the imm 2018

Froli Forti comfort bed
Gold line

with motorised lifting function

35 cm height adjustment, lifts the sleeping surface (without mattress)
from 40 cm up to 75 cm

“Raised bed to prevent reflux” … small pile blocks for a big effect – rapid relief from reflux problems. Upon request.

Froli spring bases provide support and relief thanks to the many flexible spring elements. The special advantage is that the firmness of each individual spring can be adjusted at any time. For example, your partner may desire a softer feel to the bed and more support of the lower back or wish to adjust the shoulder zone individually.


The azur mattress now comes with a new, soft shoulder zone. Here, the plastic lamellae on the inside are softer and the recesses in the foam deeper in the shoulder region. The azur mattress is surrounded by a layer of soft Talalay latex and an breathable ventilation border with high-quality Tencel cover to ensure excellent climate and ventilation properties.

Azur line - mattress with a new, soft shoulder zone

Viado pillow

The Viado pillow is now available in
heights of 9 cm, 11.5 cm and 13 cm.


Benefits: Provides the neck with ideal support, outstanding comfort and ventilation, breathable, with non-allergenic and washable Tencel cover, travel bag.


Innovations in motor technology + app for motorised frames

New colours for fabric and leather bed finishes (Azur + Gold)

Visitors to the new Froli website enjoy an informative and emotional experience The spring technology of Froli beds and the jade, azur and gold product lines are explained in short Youtube videos and the company is presented in a bright and colourful manner. Great emphasis is placed on sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well as the well-being of employees and these have been established as pillars in the corporate philosophy.
In 2017, Froli became a supporting member of the “Ethics in Business” value alliance and a cradle-to-cradle partner. Furthermore, we work in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, 50001 certifications and audits pursuant to the sutainability standard DIN ISO 26000.

Froli is proud of the fact that its gold spring base won the red dot award 2017 and was a German Design Award nominee 2018. The gold mattress was also awarded 100 points in the TÜV certificate! The azur spring base is an award winner from the red dot 2008, winner of the iF-product design award 2009 and German Design Award nominee 2010.